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Are you interested in learning how to win at Lightning Roulette? Given the game’s potentially enormous multipliers (which may go up to 500x), this is entirely to be expected. Since Lightning Roulette is the game that we spend the most of our time playing, we would want to share with you some of the methods and tips that we use to increase our chances of winning.

If you’re not familiar in the world of the roulette game then it’s highly recommended to start by studying our guide for how you can take part in Lightning Roulette. The Live Lightning Roulette offering from Evolution Gaming brings brisk, one-of-a-kind, and forward-thinking twists to the traditional game. I won’t waste any more of your time; without further ado, let’s get started so you may begin playing!

Is There a Way to Win at Lightning Roulette Using Mathematical Strategy?

Yes. If it weren’t feasible, mathematically speaking, to win in Lightning Roulette, there wouldn’t be much purpose in participating in the game. The fact that Lightning Roulette has a high Return to Player Percentage (RTP) of 97.30 percent is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that it is feasible for players to emerge victorious from their participation in the game. 

Beat Lightning Roulette, because of its similarities to European roulette, even has greater chances of winning than American roulette, which has two zeros. This is because European roulette has just one zero. This is the reason why things are becoming both better and worse. The odds for a straight number bet are not very favourable, coming in at 2.7 percent. This indicates that it is not easy to predict exactly where the ball will fall on the number scale.

If, on the other hand, you are successful in guessing the right number, you will be rewarded with a staggering 29:1 payment. This means that your bet of R2 will pay you R60 (with your bet money included in your winnings). If you ask me, this is superior to many of the casino games that are available.

And that’s not even everything. If the number contains a multiplier, you will get a large payment that ranges from 50 times to 500 times the amount that you wagered. To illustrate, let’s say you wager R2 on the number 5, and the multiplier is 300x. If the ball falls on 5, you will earn R600.

In addition, you may wager on high/low numbers, columns, dozen, and splits. You can even gamble on colours. However, this does not make them eligible for the multipliers.

Strategy for Winning at Lightning Roulette and How to Do It

In the game of roulette, you have access to a wide variety of different expert techniques and systems to choose to Beat Lightning Roulette. The Labouchere Strategy and the Paroli Betting System are two of the most well-known and widely used betting systems. The Paroli System operates in a manner similar to the reverse Martingale Strategy, which asserts that instead of doubling your bets when you lose, you double down when you win. 

The Paroli System does this by flipping the Martingale System on its head. For example, if you placed a wager of R2 on the first round and you lost, you must make the same wager on the second round. You must, however, increase your wager to R5 on the next round if you wagered R2 on the previous round and won. If you are successful once again, you raise your wager to R10; but, if you are unsuccessful, you drop it back down to R2. With this tactic, you may make significant gains from a winning run, particularly with even-money bets such as Red or Black, Even or Odd, High or Low.

In Lightning Roulette can you bet on all the numbers?

Naturally, you are able to wager on whatever number you choose with Lightning Roulette. In point of fact, you may wager on anything that’s shown on the roulette table. However, you should only go through with this if you have sufficient financial resources. It is important to remember that it’s feasible for lightning to hit the lucky numbers. It is also conceivable for the ball not to fall on those numbers. If this kind of thing happens to you time and over and very likely that you’ll end up losing money.

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