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About The Game 

The meaning of Teen Patti game is three cards. This game is played by so many people all over the world. Moreover, you will get to see this game in every casino. However, this game is also known as Flush. This is an Bangladesh gambling game that you can play with 52 cards. Usually, cards rank from high to low. 

When the game begins you have to put the minimum amount in the pot. However, a pot is a collection of money by all players that will be put at the centre of the table. Moreover, the dealer of the game deals out one card at one time. Until every player gets three cards. Then players can bet, moreover, players will also get a chance to see the cards before putting a bet. Furthermore, players can leave their cards on the table and can play blind. 

Teen Patti is the most exciting and popular game. If you know the rules of the game you can try your hands and can win a handsome amount. Moreover, there is nothing illegal in playing Teen Patti game online. We have also mentioned the best sites where you can play this game. 

Rules of The Teen Patti Game:

  • Each player has to put some amount in the pot before starting the teen patti game. 
  • If any person will decide to fold the amount will be distributed to the remaining players 
  • Players can play blind or seen. Blind are players who haven’t seen their cards in contrast to players who have seen their cards. 
  • You will get an option to call or raise. However, if you decide to call then you have to make one more bet with the same amount as the previous one. 
  • Moreover, if you have confidence then you can increase your last bet.
  • While raising a bet you will have a limitation. The total bet amount should be lower than twice the previous player’s bet amount. 
  • Moreover, your bet should also be in even numbers because the player who is playing blind will bet half the average bet. However, it is hard to divide odd numbers equally among all players. 
  • If you are playing blind and the person before you see the cards then you can bet an equal amount of your previous bet or you can bet half. 
  • If the player before you is playing blind. Then you can bet a maximum of twice your last bet. 
  • One more rule is that you can ask players to show cards. However, players can only deny a maximum of three times after that player has to show the cards. Moreover, the cards will be compared and the player with the lower ranking will fold the hand in the teen patti game. 
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There are so many sites on which you can play Teen Patti Game and can win some money. We have mentioned some best sites below that you can use to play. 


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