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Playing online casino games has become a trend now. More and more people are looking at it as a way to pass their time as well as earn money through it. Earning online money is the new hotspot of income as anyone can participate in it and win money from the comfort of their homes. But, at the same time, the risks need to be looked after. One is the tendency to lose money. People lose a lot of money in online games, and they keep playing with the hope of winning, falling into a spiral. Next is the authenticity of websites. One such game is real money sic bo. So here is all you have to know about that game: 

What is sic bo?

Sic bo is a fast-paced online game that you can play to earn money. If you are bored of repeatedly playing roulette and want to turn the pace up, then sic bo is the thing for you. Combining games with earning money makes real money sic bo the thing to look after. 

Another added advantage is unlike other games that require learning a lot of strategies to master it, sic bo has no such learning curve. Any beginner can learn about it within a day and start playing and earning money in the best online casinos. This is just the starting of why sic bo can be your next favorite casino game.

About the game

When you are playing real money sic bo, you need to focus on two aspects of the game- one is the board aspect, and the other is the dice aspect. The specialty of sic bo is that it is played with three dice. All the dice will be rolled simultaneously, and you need to predict the outcome. You may need to predict exact numbers, the set of numbers, or even the total of the dice.  

Total is the simplest and most sought-after bet in this game. Here, you need to tell the sum of the three dice that might come up. You get to choose any number in the range of 4-17. You might notice that 3 and 8 are missing, but they come up elsewhere in the bet. A single bet is the safest bet, as the chances of winning are more. You need to predict a number, say 4. If 4 occurs in any one of the two dice, you will win. Next is double, where you predict any number say 3 comes up on at least 2 of the 3 dice.  The last is the triple. It is the highest-paying bet but the toughest to win. Here you will choose a number that might appear together in all three dice.

Best online casinos to play sic bo

Many people have shown their desire to play real money sic bo and earn money, but they failed to do because they can’t find the proper online casino. Finding an online casino for a game like sic bo may take a lot of your time and requires surfing through many websites before narrowing down to a target. However, we did all this hard work for you, and here are the best online casinos to play and enjoy this game: 


This is a popular online casino spot where many people have made their fortunes. The reason why MarvelBet is on this list is due to the insane variety they provide. You can enjoy up to 8 types of sic bo in their online casino. Be it the traditional sic bo or variations like super sic bo, and they got all of it covered. Apart from that, they also provide you with the opportunity to play various other games. 

Jeetwin- best for real money:

This is another great online casino to enjoy real money sic bo. They also provide seven types of sic bo games, and moreover, they give three ring tables making it a must in this list. It has 4000 other games from which you can choose. So, this website is surely going to make your mood. 

Lucky spins:

 This is another website that provides you many opportunities to play sic bo and also provides different varieties of the same. They have a mobile-optimized website, and the payment can also be made using UPI like google pay here, making lucky spins one of the most user-friendly online casinos in this list.

There are a plethora of online casinos where you can enjoy sic bo as you already know the rules of it. So, have a nice day playing and earning through this great game. 

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