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The fundamental component of Crazy Time is a wheel of fortune. And players put wagers according on the number they think the wheel flapper will come to rest on. There is a total of 54 different segments on the Play crazy time wheel, and each one may either be a number (1, 2, 5, or 10) or a bonus game. Whenever a new round begins, a Top Slot will begin to spin above the wheel. This will award either the numbers on the wheel or a bonus game with a random multiplier.

To participate in the game, you must first put a wager on the number or the bonus game that you think the flapper will stop on. If it stops on your number, you will win the prize immediately, and if it stops on your bonus game. You will go to the next round of the game, which will have its own set of regulations.

Crazy Time Live Dealer

In the Crazy Time casino game, the live dealers are known as Game Presenters. And their job is to ensure that you have a nice time while playing the game. Game Presenters are extremely different from the typical live casino dealers in that they are more focused on entertaining you. And maintaining a high energy throughout the game. This is one of the main ways in which they differentiate themselves. Depending on the bonus game you choose to Play crazy time. You will have the opportunity to see up to two presenters at the same time.


Pachinko is playable on a massive vertical wall that is cram full of pegs. A physical puck is toss over the top of the wall. Where it will begin its descent toward the base of the structure. At the base of the wall, there are a total of sixteen multipliers chosen at random. If the puck falls on a multiplier, your bet will be increased. However, there is also a risk that it will land on a “DOUBLE.” This will cause all multipliers on the wall to be doubled and will start a new drop.

Cash Hunt

The Cash Hunt bonus game is an interactive element that displays 108 random multipliers on a digital board. Players may engage with this feature to increase their chances of winning. After that, each multiplier is cover with a different symbol, and then they are mix together. After that, you will either use your mouse or your finger to move a target in the direction of the icon of your choosing. At the end of the allotted time, a cannon will fire at your target, which will then disclose the multiplier. The multiplier will be in use to multiply your bet, which will then determine how much you will win.

Coin Flip

This version of “Heads or Tails” is played using the colours red and blue instead of heads and tails. After you have made your selection, the coin will automatically flip over, and the side that is now facing up will be the winning side. If you choose the winning side, you will be awarded the multiplier that is shown.

Crazy Time

The primary bonus-game in Play crazy time is an expand version of the fortunate wheel seen in the regular game. However, in this version, there are no further bonus-games, and there are three flappers rather than one. After making your selection—whether it be a green, blue, or yellow flapper—the wheel will be spun. There are three possible outcomes for where the wheel will stop: a multiplier, a double, or a triple. The double or triple symbol will cause the multipliers on the wheel to be multiply by two or three, respectively, and will initiate a re-spin.

Rules for The Crazy Time Casino Game

The rules of Crazy Time are easy to understand, and all that is require of you to take part in the game is to make a wager on the first money wheel. If you want to take part in the bonus games, it is absolutely necessary for you to make wagers on them. Players will only be eligible to participate in the bonus game if they have an active wager on the game that triggered the bonus game. If you don’t decide within the allot amount of time for any of the three bonus games that include interactive decision-making. In other words, you won’t be eliminating from the competition for failing to select.

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