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About Game: 

This is an Indian card game that originated in southern India. Moreover, it is a single deck card game. As the game starts the dealer shuffles the card, cut the deck into two halves, and reveals one card as the Joker. The betting name is Andar Bahar game however to win the bet you have to predict on which side the joker will appear. 

This game has so much popularity across India and Bangladesh moreover you can play this game online also. If you think you have skills along with luck. And can earn some real cash then there are so many websites where you can bet on this game. 

Rules of the game:

  • This game is played with the 52-card deck with one dealer and one player. 
  • The value of the card is the same 
  • Card 2 is the lowest and the ace is the highest 
  • Dealer and player will face each other in this game 
  • Two bets will be placed in Andar and Bahar section 
  • The Andar side is on the left and Bahar is on right
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Odds in the game:

You will get to see that many people say that the probability of winning this game is 50/50. But this is not true it is actually 51.5/49.5 however it also depends on what side you have placed your bet on. 

If the Joker card is 8 of spade then the probabilities are 

Andar: 51.5
Bahar: 49.5 

The house edge 

Andar: 2.15%

Bahar: 5.43%

The return to player 

Andar: 97.85%
Bahar: 97%

  • Andar: 2.15%
  • Bahar: 5.43%
  • Andar: 2.15%
  • Bahar: 5.43%
  • Andar: 2.15%
  • Bahar: 5.43%

Types of Bets: 

  • First Bet 

Once the dealer reveals the joker card the game begins however the card will be dealt first on Bahar and then Andar. Moreover, if the Joker will be dealt with Bahar first all bets on Bahar will be paid 25% of the stake and Andar will lose. However, if the first card of Andar is a joker then all the bets on him will be paid off evenly. Bahar will lose. 

  • Second Bet 

If the Joker has not revealed after the drawing of one card from both sides then the deal will announce a second bet. Now you will get an option to place a second bet. However, in the second Bahar bet if the first card is Joker then all the second bets will be paid off 25% of the original wager, and the first 100% of the first bet. 

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