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Take a new look at one of the world’s greatest board games in this innovative, live, internet game presentation. Participate in the game with your live host and your virtual co-host, “Mr. Monopoly,” and choose the space in which you believe the money wheel will come to a halt. The money wheel is ready and waiting for you to give it a spin in the Live Monopoly Casino lobby; it comes fully loaded with prize multipliers, instant wins exclusive to the “Chance” section, and bonus game sections.

Live Monopoly: The Rules of the Game

The wheel of fortune has a total of 54 segments that are all the same size. Of these, 48 have a number on them that ranges from one to ten and represents a reward multiplier. The other six have the word “CHANCE,” “2 ROLLS,” or “4 ROLLS” written on them respectively. Bets are place by players on the portion of the wheel where they think it will come to a halt. The winning section is signal by a pointer at the top of the wheel when the wheel comes to a halt after its spin.

Successful wagers on a number of sector are payout according to the number. For example, a winning wager on the number five returns a payout of five to one, while a winning wager on the number ten returns ten to one, and so on. If your wager on the “Chance” area is successful, you will get either a cash reward or a multiplier bonus. If your wager on the “2 ROLLS” or “4 ROLLS” portion is successful, the bonus game will be triggered.

The Bonus Game

When the bonus game is activate, the virtual co-host known as “Mr. Monopoly” will take a trip around a 3D representation of the original Monopoly Casino board, where he will pick up prizes for players who have qualified for them along the way. It is determine by the roll of two dice, much as in the classic board game Monopoly, which determines how far he walks. A bonus game labelled “2 ROLLS” will continue for at least two rolls of the dice, whereas a section labelled “4 ROLLS” will continue for at least four rolls of the dice. The dice are roll in real time in the studio, and if a double is roll, the players who are participating get an additional turn that is completely free of charge.

The prizes that are given out during the bonus game are determine by the locations that “Mr. Monopoly” lands on. When you go beyond the ‘GO’ button, all of the rewards are increase by one. And any homes or hotels that pop up will boost the amount of money you may win for that specific properties. Caution is advisable, however, because just like in Monopoly, your winnings will reduce if you land on the Income Tax or Supertax properties. And if you land on the “Go To Jail” space, you will need to roll a double in order to get out of jail!

Instructions for playing Monopoly Live

Do you wish to acquire the skills necessary to play Monopoly Live? You have arrived at the correct location. This is Evolution’s second attempt at making a wheel game. The first one is title Dream Catcher and it was release in 2017 which is two years earlier. Evolution takes their casino game shows to an altogether new level with the introduction of Monopoly Live. This is accomplish with the incorporation of a 3D figure known as Monopoly Casino. And as well as a bonus game that is also playable totally in 3D. We are able to say without a shadow of a doubt that this game. Along with its success, play a role in the conception of the Crazy Time idea that was conceive by Evolution.

When you connect your device to Monopoly Live, you’ll see that the studio has been upgraded with augmented reality features. There is an impressive looking metropolis in the backdrop (Monopoly city), and Mr. Monopoly is shown relaxing in an armchair while sipping tea. He does not show any signs of impatience while he waits for the bonus rounds to begin. The wheel with 54 segments that is located in the center of the studio is, of course, the focal point of the action in this game. This is a game that has a real person hosting it. This host is the one who controls the wheel and engages in conversation with the participants.

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