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WinBDT, a Top sports betting site in Bangladesh, also offers online gaming. We offer a wide range of sports and betting options across multiple platforms. WinBDT is a market leader and well-known in Bangladesh. Currently, the website has hundreds of SMA registered, and it is still growing every day. We offer a wide range of uncertainty on cricket, football, tennis, and a variety of other sports on the internet platform WinBDT.

Agent Category: WINBDT

WinBDT is a credit-based mobile gaming app and website that offers a diverse selection of casino games to bet on. We provide a reasonable agent commission structure. We can assist you in locating an agent. There are two types of agents: Super Master Agents (SMA) and Master Agents (MA). The details and facilities of the Master Agent (MA) are described below.

Master Agent (MA) Features:

To become a Master Agent in WinBDT, you must first purchase BDT 5000.00 in credit as a starter package.

As a downline, Master Agents (MA) will be able to create both Agent ID and Player ID. MA’s downline agents will be recognized as AGENT (AG).

MA will always buy new credit from his connective Super Master Agent (SMA) and will have the option to sell back credit to his connective SMA if necessary, subject to certain rules and regulations.

MA will always buy WinBDT credits at an 80% discount from his connective SMA. Purchases a BDT1,000,000.00 credit for BDT80,000.00

If necessary, MA will be able to sell credits back to his connective SMA. When the MA Agent sells credit back to his connective SMA, the existing or future Ad-Hoc campaign calculations may be impacted.

The Master Agent (MA) will sell credits to his downline based on the

The Master Agent (MA) will be the only person authorized to make withdrawals to his own downline players. During withdrawal, he will buy back credit from his player for BDT 100.00.

At the same time, MA will be responsible for covering and assisting his downline AGENTS (AG) to Buy Back credits from them if necessary.

Conclusion : 

WinBDT has been around for a long time and has a lot of faith. By betting on local betting sites, many people do not get the right money or the right rate. Many people are familiar with the name of the country’s best online betting site. So, without further ado, contact our Super Master Agent (S.M.A) or send an inbox message. We are expecting you. Start with us as An master agent (MA) now.

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