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Gambling is played for a long time ago and it is not new in the market, but some new rules are implemented against it. It is a dangerous game in society, as one person can win thousands within a second and lose everything at the same time. A gambler can never think anything naturally, the only thing that he can think that is only gambling every time. A research study, states that people who are starting to gamble to ease the financial crisis only. Lets discuss Gambling Laws In Bangladesh and Its Effectiveness in this blog.

In Bangladesh gambling is completely forbidden, it includes an online platform that is based on gambling. Bangladesh gambling laws impose fines and imprisonment as a punishment for gambling. It is only true for land-based gambling since there are no specific online gambling laws only. These are the laws that are old and ambiguous in nature. Though formal gambling is absent in Bangladesh reality shows otherwise. It comes with different types of gambling that can be seen in rural areas. Casino and online-based gambling is getting popular in the posh gambling areas only. Therefore, understanding the negative side of gambling that is very crucial for everyone. On the face of it, many people can say that gambling is not that popular in our country. And many people don’t even know about the existence of gambling in Bangladesh. 

Articles regarding gambling

Article 18 gambling laws come under the fundamental principles of state policy that confers for the state a responsibility for adopting the effective measures for preventing gambling. As we know that fundamental principles of state policy that is not judicially enforceable. This provision is in the directory of the state’s legislative actions. The primary law that regulates gambling activities in Bangladesh is the Public Gambling act of 1867. The gambling laws date back to the British regime and this is the very first reason for the weak punishment for gambling. As per the act that says the guilty under the act shall not be liable for any case to having a fine exceeding TK 600 or imprisonment of the person for one year. If any person found not following them then they will suffer from the issues. 

The person have to pay fine not exceeding Tk200, imprisonment that is defined in the penal code for any term that not exceeding three months. The person who will be found playing the gambling after the punishment then he has to suffer from the consequences. There are many games that is banned in the public. If anyone found playing it then the person have to face the issues. In the gambling games it can help you to win a lot of games. And then it will let you lose all of them in a sudden moment as well. There are many people who have made their life miserable by playing this games only. 

Penal code 1860

As per this penal code, whoever keeps any office or place for this purpose of drawing any lottery that is not a state lottery or a lottery authorized by the government shall punish with imprisonment of either description for a term that will extend to six months or with fine imprisonment as well. If the person will still going to understand the facts then he have to face the issues. There are many issues that people can face for gambling the games. 

There are some laws that deal with gambling in Bangladesh that is clearly written and it is much more incompatible for cope with the recent phenomenon of gambling. If we closely examine the number of fines and the punishment that is present in this act, this amount is little that one may find it hilarious the millions of money that are dealt with by gambling. 

News regarding gambling

Casino raids can be useful to understand that we are having weak laws in our country. Law enforcement agencies detained. And arrested nearly more than 200 people in September 2019 during a crackdown on illegal casinos, and gambling establishments in Dhaka and other places. Some people still play the games without care of the police. The rules and regulation, they will face the issues in the future time. 

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