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If you have any doubts or queries regarding cricket or other issues related to betting you can contact us any time in the comment section. Moreover, we are always open to resolving all types of doubts and queries with correct information. We always try to resolve all your issues in real-time. 


If you want to submit any complaint then it should be done through email. Emails will be answered within a specified period however the emails must follow correct guidelines so that they should not fall into the spam folder. 

We have designed a system who only entertain real complaints and we do not accepts fake or spam emails. This why while mailing a complaint you should ensure that you have used correct lines in subject section of the mail. However your subject section should be genuine so that we can accepts your mail. 

Furthermore you dont have to provide bank details in your claim. Moreover all the details that you will provide to us will be kept safe and secure. Our security system is so strong that you dont have to worry about your information being leaked. 

We take all complaints seriously and ensure that your issue will be resolved as soon as possible. However we still recommend you to before making an complain email go through our terms and conditions and privacy policy. You will get detailed informtion about our website in these documents. 


If you want to list your sportsbook on our site then you have met our guidelines. You will not be eligible for the review unless and until you will follow our guidelines. We provide genuine reviews to our users all the ad requests that are made without following proper guidelines are marked as spam. 

Most of the cricket bookmakers do not able to meet our standards. We qualify any bookmakers on our site after rigorously going through the site. If you want to review from us then you have to provide all the details only then we can review. 

Moreover, the review process takes 1 to 2 months. However, it depends on the size of the site. You can also publish an article on our website but that article also will go through in-depth fact-checking then only it will be published. Because we cannot compromise the quality of content on our website. 

 Contact modes 

We have a wide range of contact modes to make it easy and convenient. We always try to help our users in real time and in the best possible way. You can contact with us through customer service or you can also connect with us through live chat support. 

You can choose according to your convenience. With our customer support you can have one to one talk and resolve all your queries. Our live chat service is available 24 hours and also proficient can solve all your problems. 

If you want to submit article or for advertisement purposes you can contact us on

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