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Roulette is one of the most interesting and simplest casino games out there. However, even the most experienced players make mistakes at roulette that prevent them from being profitable. We watched hundreds of hours of roulette footage and spent several thousand dollars ourselves. After analysing all the data, we have concluded that regardless of your skill level, there are some common roulette mistakes that everyone makes.

Online roulette mistakes for beginners

Although online roulette has much in common with the land-based version, some drawbacks are unique to the virtual casino environment. Playing without advertising or strategy and only focusing on one type of bet can hurt your bankroll. Learning how to prevent them will prove critical to your long-term success and will ensure you don’t waste your money, it is Roulette Mistakes.

Spit your chips on the first dozen

Placing your chips on any number within the first dozen is a great hand for beginners. In addition to making it more difficult to keep track of how much you bet. If you plan on betting on the top dozen you should place your bets in the area of the top dozen rather than making a mess by betting on the inside.

While this fallacy may seem rather obvious, it is surprising how many amateur roulette players tend to bet on any number out of the dozen. Rather than just placing their money in a range that represents essentially the same thing. The main difference is that you are more organized and this makes it nearly impossible to control your spending.

Know about betting

Betting more than necessary is a crucial mistake that most beginners make. If you have already bet on a certain number, there is no point in betting between numbers. The explanation is quite simple – since you have bet money on several numbers, betting on the lines between the same numbers is a loss, especially if the roulette wheel does not stop on any number.

Bet on close numbers

Instead of betting on each number individually, choose outside bets such as straights or dozens. This type of bet is not only absurd but also proves that you do not have a solid understanding of the roulette table.

The argument we get from most casual gamers is “It looks good!”. Now betting a chip on any number available in a dozen might look good, but we are talking about roulette, not a game of filling in gaps. Therefore, we recommend learning how to place outside bets and not mess up the table.

Don’t study and use real strategies

Real strategy means that you become familiar with the math behind roulette and how to manage your money effectively. Otherwise, bet your money on a random number and hope that Lady Fortune is on your side this time as Roulette Mistakes. Before you claim to have found the perfect strategy, make sure you have tested it and that it makes sense. Instead of trying to justify your winnings, take the time to create real strategies that will enhance your roulette experience and maximize your winnings.

Don’t play without knowing the math

Whenever you mention that math plays a significant role in your success at roulette, beginners tend to worry. They think they need to go back to high school math and remember how to solve complex problems.

That is not true. According to our research, having math skills is directly related to your performance at the roulette table. The more analytical you are, the better you can manage your money and minimize your risk. Therefore, before you start playing, it is important to understand the basic mathematical principles of roulette such as win or loss ratios, bet values and potential payouts. Otherwise, it will be nearly impossible to track your spending, which will not help you improve your roulette skills and make consistent profits.

Don’t take advantage of casino promotions

Both land-based and online casinos offer bonuses to encourage new customers to spend more time at the tables. While some promotions usually come with playthrough requirements (e.g. betting), they are worth redeeming if you are just starting.

However, there is a problem – choosing a profitable promotion has become more complicated as the online casino industry has grown. Especially because of the many bonuses available in the market as Roulette Mistakes. When you’re ready to start your gaming journey. Take some time to explore our bonus library and choose the promotion that suits your needs. This way you get extra credits to extend your playing time and expand your roulette knowledge.

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